What Is The Sprint Magic Box?

Is Sprint Magic Box 5g?

Note that T-Mobile is using 600MHz to deliver long-range nationwide long-range 5G connectivity.

Sprint is currently building thousands of new cell sites to expand its network coverage.

Sprint’s 5G plans include its third-generation Sprint Magic Box..

Does Sprint Magic Box have WiFi?

Magic Box is a small cell that doesn’t require a wired or WiFi internet connection to work. All you need is an outlet and a good window, most likely with a line-of-site to a nearby cell tower.

Do Sprint and Verizon use the same towers?

AT&T has Cricket, Sprint has Boost Mobile, T-Mobile has GoSmartMobile and Verizon has Total Wireless. The sub-brands use the same towers and systems as the major brands, but at a lower price and with no contract. Although you should check first, the parent network phone should be compatible with the sub-brand service.

What is Sprint magic box used for?

Sprint has launched an all-wireless small cell designed to provide better LTE coverage inside of homes and businesses in a move that could make its network more dense. The small cell — dubbed the Sprint Magic Box — is designed to be plugged in without installation, router, or Wi-Fi.

What is the Sprint Magic Box silver?

The second device is the Sprint Magic Box Silver, which offers a plug-and-play, installation-free feature that automatically connects to the Sprint network to improve data coverage and indoor download and upload speeds.

How can I boost my Sprint signal?

Improve your network experienceRestart your phone to refresh the wireless signal. … Connect to Wi-Fi.Perform routine software updates on your device.Update the Preferred Roaming List (PRL) on your device to enhance connections and prolong battery life.Refresh your phone’s data profile.

Do Sprint magic boxes work?

Sprint says the magic of its new small cell is an LTE-Advanced technology called LTE User Equipment (UE) Relay used for wireless backhaul. It will work with any Sprint phones using 2.5 GHz. …

How do I qualify for Sprint magic box?

Sprint Magic Box Address Checker Check to see if Magic Box functions in your area. If so, you can call Customer Care at 1-844-463-3194 to see if your address is eligible to receive a Magic Box at no cost to use.

How long does it take to get a sprint magic box?

Allow 2-3 weeks from the date on the email for delivery.

How do you use the Sprint magic box?

The Sprint Magic Box is a compact unit placed on your windowsill to take Sprint signal from outdoors and boost it indoors! Press the sensor indicated by the arrows for 5 seconds to start the unit. Wait while service is measured. Setup Wizard will indicate when to move.

What band is Sprint 5g?

Mid-band 5G: Sprint is using its mid-band 2.5 GHz for 5G and possesses enough spectrum to deliver hundreds of Mbps in speed, with a decent signal propagation. Sprint states it has citywide coverage in locations where it has launched its service.

Does Sprint have a home signal booster?

The new device requires no set-up or in-home broadband and will boost 4G LTE coverage indoors and in the surrounding area for Sprint customers. Sprint’s Magic Box 4G LTE signal booster is designed to improve service indoors.

Is the Sprint Magic Box free?

Magic Box is free to use and there are no upfront costs. However, if you do not plug in and use your Magic Box or return it, you can be charged a $140 fee. Refer to next question if you wish to initiate a return or call Sprint Customer Care at 1-888-211-4727.

Does Sprint charge extra for 5g?

Now, though, 5G access is included in Sprint’s “unlimited plus” plan that costs $70 per month as well as its “unlimited basic” plan that costs $60 per month. … AT&T and T-Mobile, meantime, don’t charge extra for 5G.