What Is TextInputLayout Android?

How do I remove TextInputLayout error?

To clear or remove TextInputLayout error message, you need to call setError method passing null or empty message, in the above code else condition removes error message..

How do I add an icon to TextInputLayout?

android:drawablePadding=”10dp” 0.1). Just add the required dependency to the build gradle… It is simple, when adding passwordToggleEnabled it automatically adding the eye icon on the right and the drawableLeft was gone. so you have to remove the drawableLeft and just use the drawableStart .

How do I change hint size on android?

If you need to set a smaller hint for your edit text, you can set the hint this way: myEditText. setHint(Html. fromHtml( “” + getString(R.

How do you create a textbox on Android?

Android Textbox ExampleCreate a new Android Project. Open Eclipse IDE and go to File -> New -> Project -> Android -> Android Application Project. … Create an EditText component. Navigate to res/layout/main. … Set an OnKeyListener for the textbox. Go to the java file of the activity and paste the following code: … Run the application.

How do you change the color of your cursor on Android?

24 Answers. Setting the android:textCursorDrawable attribute to @null should result in the use of android:textColor as the cursor color. You have a white color cursor on EditText property. It appears as if all the answers go around the bushes.

How do I change the color of TextInputLayout border?

Change the TextInputLayout outline color, Use this style to apply border color and border width like this :