What Area Code Is 380?

What is the area code for Ukraine?

+380Ukraine/Dialing codes.

Which country has +35 code?

Finland has a country code +358. When you dial to a cell phone in Finland, the number is shown as +35(8XX), where XX is the code of the cell phone company through which your call will be routed.

Which country has +19 code?

Direct distance dialing (DDD) codes to use when calling other Brazilian citiesCitiesDialing area codeCampinas19Salvador71Recife81Florianópolis485 more rows•Jan 27, 2020

How do I call a mobile in Ukraine?

How to Call Ukraine from the U.S.First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.Next dial 380, the country code for Ukraine.Then dial the 2-digit area code (see sample calling code list below) followed by the 7-digit phone number.The U.S. to Ukraine international dialing format will look like this: 011 + 380 + XX + XXX XXXX.

Does Ukraine have postal codes?

Ukraine uses five-digit numeric postal codes that are written immediately to the right of the city or settlement name.

Is Ukraine a dangerous country?

With Ukraine in the news for all the wrong reasons, safety is a major concern for travellers these days. But although crime is on the rise, Ukraine remains a rather safe European destination, unless you venture into the war zone, which accounts for a tiny part of the country’s territory in the far east.

What country code is 380?

UkraineTelephone numbers in UkraineLocationCountry calling code+380International call prefix00Trunk prefix0List of Ukraine dialing codes8 more rows

Is Ukraine a poor country?

The nation has many of the components of a major European economy: rich farmlands, a well-developed industrial base, highly trained labour, and a good education-system. As of 2014, however, the economy remains in a poor condition.

What area code is 718 belong to?

New York CityArea codes 718, 347, and 929 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the boroughs of New York City of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as the Marble Hill section of Manhattan.

What language they speak in Ukraine?

The vast majority of people in Ukraine speak Ukrainian, which is written with a form of the Cyrillic alphabet. The language—belonging with Russian and Belarusian to the East Slavic branch of the Slavic language family—is closely related to Russian but also has distinct similarities to the Polish language.

How much does it cost to call Ukraine?

Call to the Ukraine from the USA Call Ukraine from the USA with Phone Cards for as little as 4.9 cents per minute. This is a popular option with people who want the absolute cheapest rate on calls to Ukraine. The call quality may not be as high but some people prefer this option for making international calls.

Which country has +38 code?

Telephone numbers in YugoslaviaLocationCountry calling code+38International call prefix99Trunk prefix06 more rows

Which country uses +37 code?

Before German reunification, West Germany (including West Berlin) used country code +49 and East Germany used country code +37, each with its separate area codes and telephone networks.

What are Ukrainian facial features?

The general type is “central Ukrainian”, typical appearance is round shape of the head, mostly dark hair and eyes, a relatively broad face and a straight line nose. … Representatives of the nothern part of Ukraine have a fairly light hair color, not too dark eyes and medium height.

Which country code is 44?

United Kingdom44 is the international code used to dial to United Kingdom.