Quick Answer: What Happens To Luke McAllister In Emmerdale?

What happened to the McAllister family in Emmerdale?

The McAllister’s lives were thrown into chaos during the summer of 1994, when Luke got into a fight with local troublemaker, Ben Dingle, resulting in Ben’s death..

Who was Luke McAllister in Emmerdale?

Noah HuntleyLuke McAllisterEmmerdale characterPortrayed byNoah HuntleyDuration1993–1995First appearance14 December 19936 more rows

Who played Tina Dingle in Emmerdale?

Jacqueline ChadwickJacqueline Chadwick (née Pirie, born 10 October 1975) is a Scottish actress. She is best known for her roles in the British soap operas Emmerdale (1994–1996) and Coronation Street (1998–2001), playing Tina Dingle and Linda Sykes.

Why did Tina Dingle leave Emmerdale?

In late July 1996, Tina laid flowers where Luke had died, on the first anniversary of his death. In December 1996 Tina decided to call things off with Frank after being involved in a love triangle with Frank and Steve Marchant. … Tina decided to leave Emmerdale to start afresh in London.

Who played Alan Turner?

Richard ThorpEmmerdaleAlan Turner/Played by

When did the Mcallisters leave Emmerdale?

February 1995When Angharad realises she has to teach Tina Dingle, she and Bernard become fed up of the feud and decide to move back to London. They leave Emmerdale in February 1995, never to return, although Luke and Jessica decides to stay behind in the village.

Who killed Ben Dingle?

On one August evening in 1994, during a rave, Ben arrived. He nearly mowed down Dave Glover, who was saved by Joe and this resulted in a fight with Luke McAllister and Biff Fowler. When Ben was throwing fists at Luke, Luke hit him back and Ben suddenly collapsed and was pronounced dead later in hospital.

Does Moira in Emmerdale die?

Emmerdale viewers are fearing Moira Dingle will be shockingly killed off after she was left for dead in brutal scenes. The ITV soap aired a twist on Wednesday night, as Moira was run over by Jamie Tate. It won’t be confirmed until Friday’s episode that the character is injured, with her the victim of a hit-and-run.

What happens to Tina Dingle in Emmerdale?

She went on to get caught up in a love triangle with Frank Tate and Steve Merchant, however she ended up in a relationship with Frank for a while. But Tina ended things with the millionaire and left the village on Christmas Eve 1996.

What happened to Shirley in Emmerdale?

Shirley Turner nee Foster was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 1763 (11th May 1993) to Episode 1875 (7th June 1994). She was the wife of Alan Turner and they married in February 1994 but their happiness was short lived when Shirley was shot dead in the Home Farm siege by Reg Dawson.

How did Shirley Turner die in Emmerdale?

Four months later, on 7 June 1994 Shirley is shot by Reg Dawson (Niven Boyd) during a siege at Home Farm and dies. In 1998 Alan’s granddaughter, Tricia Stokes (Sheree Murphy), arrives in the village and they form a close relationship.

What happened to Alan Turner’s wife?

Alan married Shirley Foster in 1994. She was killed four months after they married when she was shot dead by criminal Reg Dawson.