Question: What Height Is Keeley Hawes?

What age is Keeley Hawes?

44 years (February 10, 1976)Keeley Hawes/Age.

Why did Tom leave spooks?

The character was in the first and second episode of the third series but was decommissioned as a result of sabotaging an operation. Series creator David Wolstencroft believed that writing Tom was the most fun, yet hardest to work on.

Where is Keeley Hawes from?

Marylebone, London, United KingdomKeeley Hawes/Place of birth

Is Lindsay Denton guilty?

Yes and no. Denton deserved punishment for her role in the ambush plot but not the severity of a life sentence, because she didn’t know the ambush would turn into a mass execution. She pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to murder, but was found guilty on a majority verdict.

Who plays Louisa Durrell?

Keeley HawesThe DurrellsLouisa Durrell/Played by

How did Keeley Hawes meet Matthew Macfadyen?

Keeley and Matthew met on the set of BBC’s Spooks, where she played Zoe Reynolds and he starred as Tom Quinn. The loved-up couple got married in November 2004, with their daughter Maggie born a month later in December and their son Ralph born in September 2006.

Where is Matthew Macfadyen from?

Great Yarmouth, United KingdomMatthew Macfadyen/Place of birth

Is Keeley Hawes a smoker?

KEELEY HAWES smells, but not of cigarette smoke despite her chain-smoking throughout our interview. No. Today, despite the nicotine-stained atmosphere, Ms Hawes smells so good you could eat her.

Is line of duty true?

The real AC-12: discover the police anti-corruption officers who inspired Line of Duty. This was first published in March 2017. … Set in a fictional police force – the first series was shot in Birmingham, the subsequent three in Belfast – it follows the activities of AC-12, a small anti-corruption unit.

What Programmes has Keeley Hawes been in?

Hawes appeared in several BBC adaptations of classic and modern literature, including Our Mutual Friend (1998), Wives and Daughters (1999), Tipping the Velvet (2002) and as the young Diana Dors in the biopic The Blonde Bombshell (1999). From 2002 to 2004, she appeared as Zoe Reynolds in the spy drama series Spooks.

Where did Keeley Hawes go to school?

Sylvia Young Theatre SchoolKeeley Hawes/Education

Who is Keeley Hawes married to?

Matthew Macfadyenm. 2004Spencer McCallumm. 2001–2004Keeley Hawes/Spouse

Is Matthew Macfadyen still married?

The couple have been happily married since 2004 I thought, oh dear, here we go.” Keeley also told the Telegraph: “I love being married to Matthew, and I know Matthew loves being married too.”

How old is Julia Montague in Bodyguard?

Keeley Hawes is a celebrated TV and stage actress, who was born in London on 10th February, 1976 – which makes her 44-years-old.

Who is Matthew Mcfadden married to?

Keeley Hawesm. 2004Matthew Macfadyen/SpousePersonal life. In 2002, Macfadyen began a relationship with his Spooks co-star Keeley Hawes. They were married in November 2004. The couple have two children.