Question: How Do You Respond To Someone Not Interested?

How do you overcome objection Not interested?

How to Deal with the “I am not interested” Sales ObjectionDon’t follow your natural instinct.

The first thing that you need to do when you hear this sales objection is to resist your natural instinct and reflexes which will make you try to overcome the sales objection.

Focus on keeping the conversation going.

Redirect to a related area.

An example to demonstrate..

What to do when a prospect says no?

Use these four tips as circumstances require, and you’ll see that it is possible to bounce back from rejection and make a sale:Don’t get discouraged.Learn from your mistakes.Try another approach.Avoid the no. Don’t box the prospect in.

What does it mean when a girl says don’t talk to me?

If you two are dating, it means that she needs a lot more attention, communication, and closeness than you have been providing recently, in order for her needs to be met. In other words, either pay her more attention, or she’s eventually going to dump you and find someone who will.

How do you know if a guy is not interested in you through text?

So, pay close attention to the way that you both text one another.He always replies with really short messages. … He never texts you first. … He responds to your questions but never asks any in return. … He takes hours to respond (sometimes, he doesn’t even respond at all.)More items…•

What are the four P’s of handling objections?

This is sometimes referred to as the 4-P’s: price, product, place, and promotion.

How do you tell a vendor you are not interested?

How to Politely Decline a Sales OfferThank the Person.Deliver the News Directly.Explain Your Reasoning.Suggest Other Ways of Partnership (If Appropriate)Keep the Professional Tone of Voice.Don’t Explain Rejection with Price.End Your Email Appropriately.Rejection with a Willingness to Receive Other Service Offers.More items…•

Should I ask her out again if she said she was busy?

If you propose a date and time and she has an unavoidable conflict most women won’t say something as vague as “I’m busy”. … Usually there is context or a follow up when a woman says she is busy. If she says, “Maybe we can try another day?” that means she IS interested, and you should definitely try again later.

How can you tell if she’s not interested?

Here’s what to look for so you know when a girl is not receptive to advances or doesn’t want things to escalate.She Takes Her Time Getting Back to You. … She Cancels Plans Repeatedly. … She Calls You a Friend. … She Tells You She’s Not Ready. … You Always Have to Initiate Contact. … When You Escalate, She Goes Vague.More items…•

How do you respond to someone who is not interested?

The prospect’s response is: “No, we’re not interested.” Your choices are:#1: Terminate. “Thank you very much for your time. Please think of us in the future when you’re in the market for products and services like ours…”#2: Investigate. “OK. … #3: Perseverate. “Are you certain?

What do you say when a prospect says not interested?

Cold Calling Objection 1: “I’m Not Interested”Prospect: “I’m not interested.”You: “Okay. … Prospect: “Nothing, really.”You: “Then if I hear correctly, it’s not that the topic’s not interesting to you, it’s that you’re not interested in talking at all right now. … Prospect: “You got it.”More items…

How do you respond to an interested customer?

So, here are some phrases you can use in the opening:Thank you for your inquiry regarding our product or service.Thank you for your interest in our product or service.We would like to thank you for your letter inquiring about our product.We truly appreciate your letter asking for information about our service.More items…•