Question: How Do I Unlock BitLocker In Windows 10?

How do I unlock a drive in Windows 10?

How do I unlock a drive in Windows 10?Use chkdsk command.Use SFC scan.Fix boot records.Disconnect additional hard drives.Check if your hard drive is properly connected.Change BIOS settings.Check if your hard drive is set as the boot device.Make sure that you’re using UEFI.More items…•.

Can you unlock BitLocker without recovery key?

Q: How to unlock the Bitlocker drive from command prompt without recovery key? A: Type the command: manage-bde -unlock X: -password and then enter the password.

How do I trigger BitLocker?

Enabling BitLockerClick Start , click Control Panel, click System and Security (if the control panel items are listed by category), and then click BitLocker Drive Encryption.Click Turn on BitLocker.BitLocker scans your computer to verify that it meets the system requirements.More items…•

Why is my BitLocker not working?

You may get an error and need to turn on TPM in the BIOS, and then activate TPM, which may require two restarts. After that, try to turn on BitLocker again. … Go to Computer Configuration>>Administrative Templates>>Windows Components and click on BitLocker Drive Encryption.

What is recovery key ID for BitLocker?

BitLocker recovery is the process by which you can restore access to a BitLocker-protected drive in the event that you cannot unlock the drive normally. In SmartEndpoint you can use the Recovery Key ID for a computer to find the Recovery Key for an encrypted client computer.

How do I disable BitLocker boot loop?

How to: Stop a BitLocker boot loopStep 1: Enter the Boot Loop. Yes – let it loop. … Step 2: Enter Advanced Options. Once skipped enter the advanced options screen: … Step 3: Double check the drive status. Manage-bde -status c: … Step 4: Unlock the drive. Manage-bde -unlock c: -rp.Step 5: Disable drive protection on boot.

How do I unlock BitLocker Control Panel?

Unlock Fixed or Removable BitLocker Drive from Control Panel Open the Control Panel (icons view), and click/tap on the BitLocker Drive Encryption icon. Click/tap on the Unlock drive link for the locked fixed or removable data drive you want to unlock. (More items…•

Why is my PC asking for a BitLocker key?

BitLocker monitors the system for changes to the boot configuration. When BitLocker sees a new device in the boot list or an attached external storage device, it prompts you for the key for security reasons. This is normal behavior.

How do I fix BitLocker problems?

To resolve this issue and repair the device, follow these steps.Step 1: Disable the TPM protectors on the boot drive. … Step 2: Use Surface BMR to recover data and reset your device. … Step 3: Restore the default PCR values. … Step 4: Suspend BitLocker during TPM or UEFI firmware updates.

How do I get my BitLocker 48 digit recovery key?

Where to Get BitLocker Recovery Key if I ForgotForgot your password to unlock BitLocker on Mac or Windows computer? … In the Choose an option window, click on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt.After that, you can see the 48-digit password which is the BitLocker recovery key. … Step 3: Right-click on the decrypted drive, select Manage BitLocker.More items…•

Where is the BitLocker 48 digit recovery key?

Finding your BitLocker recovery key in Windows 10In your Microsoft account: Sign in to your Microsoft account on another device to find your recovery key: … On a printout you saved: Your recovery key may be on a printout that was saved when BitLocker was activated. … On a USB flash drive: Plug the USB flash drive into your locked PC and follow the instructions.More items…•

Can you reboot while BitLocker is encrypting?

On a Windows Vista-based computer, you configure the BitLocker Drive Encryption feature to encrypt a volume or to decrypt a volume. … In this situation, BitLocker Drive Encryption may resume encryption of a volume or decryption of a volume when you restart the computer in either Windows PE or Windows RE.

Can BitLocker be bypassed?

BitLocker, Microsoft’s disk encryption tool, could be trivially bypassed prior to last week’s patches, according to recent security research.

Can Microsoft Unlock BitLocker?

Yes, if the drive is a data drive, you can unlock it from the BitLocker Drive Encryption Control Panel item just as you would any other data drive by using a password or smart card. … The encrypted hard disk can be unlocked by a data recovery agent (if one was configured) or it can be unlocked by using the recovery key.

How can I access a locked hard drive?

How to Unlock a Hard DriveStep 1: Run a disk check. Install the boot disk or USB drive, and power the computer on. … Step 2: Run a system file check. Boot the computer from the disk or USB as you did in step one. … Step 3: Complete a startup repair. … Step 4: Try a system restore. … Step 5: Refresh your PC.

How do I get a recovery key?

Here’s how to get a new Apple recovery key if you’ve lost yoursHead over to and click “manage my Apple ID”Log in with your normal Apple ID username and password.Verify your identity using a trusted device or phone number.Choose “security” on the left.Choose “replace recovery key”More items…•

How do I disable BitLocker in BIOS?

Method 1: Turn off BitLocker Password from BIOSPower off and restart the computer. … Type in the BIOS password to open the BIOS menu.Open the Security option from the menu. … Enter your password in the corresponding field and leave the other fields empty. … Save changes and exit using the link at the bottom.

What do I do if I don’t have a BitLocker recovery key?

A key may be saved to a USB flash drive (Plug the USB flash drive in to your locked PC and follow the instructions. If you saved the key as a text file on the flash drive, use a different computer to read the text file) A key may be saved to your Microsoft account (search BitLocker Recovery Keys to retrieve the key)

How do I unlock my C drive?

To do so, follow these steps to access chkdsk :Restart the computer with the original installation media (that’s either the DVD or the USB flash drive) … Click Repair your computer.At the Choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot.Click Advanced options.Click Command Prompt.Type this command: chkdsk C: /f /x /r.More items…

How do you unlock a hard drive without the password?

ClosePower your computer off completely.Press the Power button.Tap the F2 key for notebooks or Delete key for desktops.Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight Security or BIOS Security Features tab.Use the arrow keys to highlight Set HDD Password or Change HDD Password depending on your model.Press Enter.More items…•

How do I trigger BitLocker recovery?

Causes of BitLocker Recovery ModeForgetting the PIN.Entering incorrect PIN too many times (activating the anti-hammering logic of the TPM)Using a keyboard with a different layout that doesn’t enter the PIN correctly, or one that doesn’t map as assumed by the pre-boot environment.More items…•