Question: How Do I Fix My PSU Fan Not Spinning?

Why is my power supply fan not spinning?

A faulty fan is one of the most common reasons for the ‘PSU Fan not spinning’ problem.

The fan can become faulty either because it is jammed due to dust, or due to hardware failure that includes worn out bearings or because of some component failure in the fan..

How do I know if my PSU fan is working?

Locate the 20+4P (24-pin) connector. Bend the paperclip and insert one end into the green pin (PS_ON) and the other into any of the black pins (Ground). Flip the switch at the rear of the PSU, and listen for the internal fan. If you can hear the fan, this should verify the power supply is turned on.

Why did my fan stopped working?

Check the Fan Fuse Like the circuit breakers in your house, these fuses are designed to break the electrical connection when too much electricity causes your fan to overheat. When the fuse melts, it breaks the connection and cuts power to the fan. Check the cord and the inside of your fan for this fuse.

Can I change my PSU fan?

After you buy the replacement fan, you can remove the old fan from the power supply. If the fan is connected via a header on the PCB, you can simply unplug it and plug in the new fan. In my case it was soldered directly. … I moved the PCB only enough to remove and replace the fan.

How long does a PSU last?

five yearsUnder normal intended use, a PSU should last a long time—at least five years, possibly up to 10 years if you’re lucky. But if you start putting the power supply under high loads over long periods, it can be overstressed.

Should my PSU fan be spinning?

Reputable. bignastyid : It will spin automatically when it warms up or when the load gets high enough. You can use the corsair link software(if you have the cable plugged in) to manually run it and monitors its temp.

How do I know if my PSU is failing?

Signs of a Failing PSUPC Won’t Boot at All. As the central hub of the energy of your computer, if the power supply has died, the computer will fail to start. … PC Randomly Restarts or Shuts Down. … Random Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) … Extra Noise Coming from the PC Case. … Smoke or a Burning Smell.

Can you control PSU fan speed?

There is likely no way to control the speed/noise of the fan in your PSU. It’s likely hard-wired in the PSU and maybe temp sensitive at best. (Some models do have external fan controllers though, like mine ) Only thing you can do is swap it for a different fan.

Why is my power supply fan so loud?

The fan will get louder as it rotates faster to exhaust heat from the power supply. … If the power supply is getting hot that means it is nearing its maximum capacity or the case temperature is so hot that it increases the power supply temperature, most likely it is caused by the power supply straining to supply demand.

How do I clean my power supply?

How to Clean a PC Power SupplyShut down and unplug your computer. … Unscrew and remove your computer’s access panel. … Find the power supply by looking for the place that your computer’s power cable goes into. … Use a 12-oz. … Let the dust settle, and then shoot air through the power supply again to see if more dust comes out.

How do you reset a power supply unit?

How to Do a ATX ResetShut down the computer and disconnect all external devices including the keyboard mouse.Unplug the power cord.Press the “Power” button and hold it for at least 15 seconds.Reconnect the power cord but do not reconnect the external devices yet.Turn on your computer and see if it boots normally.More items…

How do I know if my PSU is enough?

Here are some signs that a power supply is bad or inadequate:An inadequate power supply can cause system instability such as no boot, random reboots, or hangs.If you run an application and it crashes or hangs often, it could be a bad or inadequate power supply.If there are dots, lines, or flashes on the screen.More items…•