Question: How Do I Approach A Mentor?

How do I ask a mentor for career advice?

How to ask someone to mentor youSchedule an initial conversation.

Clearly describe the guidance you’re seeking (The Ask).

Confirm your willingness to do the necessary work and follow-through.

Acknowledge and respect the individual’s time.

Note: If you don’t hear from them, follow-up, but don’t hound him or her..

How often should you talk to your mentor?

When mentoring, it’s important to establish one simple guideline off the bat: How often will you meet? It could be once a week or several times a month, but the goal is to be consistent. Consistently taking time shows commitment, which helps build trust.

What do you expect from a mentor?

You should expect a mentoring relationships based on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect and sensitivity. … You will be expected to drive the relationship take increasing responsibility for your own self-reflection and development. You will be encouraged to identify goals, challenges and set priorities.

How do you describe a mentor?

A good mentor possesses the following qualities:Willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. … Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model. … Takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship. … Exhibits enthusiasm in the field. … Values ongoing learning and growth in the field.More items…

What are the keys to effective mentoring?

The keys to establishing a successful mentoring relationship include creating a relationship of trust, clearly defining roles and responsibilities, establishing short- and long-term goals, using open and supportive communication, and collaboratively solving problems.

What to say to thank a mentor?

Having you as a mentor has changed my life for the better. I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me. If there is any way that I can repay you, please let me know. I look forward to working with you in the future.

How do you reach out to a mentor?

Here are the steps you can take to do just that when reaching out and approaching your target mentor.Step One Do Your Research. … Step Two Explain The Reason You’re Getting In Touch. … Step Three Share Your Intentions And Desire For Help. … Step Four Discuss Your Goals And What You Want To Work On.More items…•

How do I connect with my mentor?

Here are four tips on how to successfully maintain a relationship with your mentor:Determine the best way to communicate. Everyone has a different communication style. … Commit to regular meetings as best you can, and make them worth your mentor’s while. … Be flexible. … Stay in touch and keep your mentor in the loop.

How do you write an email to a mentor?

Make Your Subject Line Compelling. As someone who used to work in email marketing, I can tell you that subject lines are extremely important, whether an email is coming from a brand or from a person you don’t know. … Reference Something Specific. … Ask for What You Want (Nicely) … Keep it Short and Sweet. … Say Thank You.

What do you say to a mentor?

Thank you for being a great teacher and mentor. I look up to you so much — I hope one day to have achieved all in my career that you have achieved in yours. Thank you for being a great mentor and teacher. Thank you for motivating me even when I wanted to give up.

How do you build a good relationship with a mentor?

How to Build a Great Relationship with a MentorDefine your goals and specific needs. … Write the “job description” of your ideal mentor. … Search for mentors through your second-degree network. … Make the ask (and keep it simple). … Have a first meeting. … Start simply. … Create a structured accountability process with a mentorship agreement.More items…•