Question: How Do I Activate MTN YafunYafun?

How do I activate MTN Awuf4U?

Simple, just recharge using the *888*Recharge PIN#, VTU or other eligible channels.

As soon as your recharge is successful, the full face value of the recharge and airtime bonus will be credited in your Awuf4U account….The eligible recharge channels are:*888*PIN#VTU.DYA MTN On Demand (MOD).

How do I check my Yafun Yafun bonus on MTN?

Checking balance on MTN Yafun Yafun To check your balance on Yafun Yafun, simply do the following: Dial *556# to check your main account balance and total airtime bonus. For bonus, Dial *559*43# to view details of the bonus (Total bonus, earliest bonus to expire and expiry date.

How do I migrate to MTN StartPack?

Firstly, buy a new sim card and then Migrate to MTN StartPack Tariff Plan by recharging your line with any airtime value by dialling *555*PIN# and you will be given 500% bonus immediately which will be credited on your line.

Which MTN call plan is the best?

Best mtn tariff plans for callsMTN Xtra Pro. It’s one of the cheapest MTN tariff plans for call. … MTN XtraSpecial. If you are looking for no daily access fee tariff, then MTN XtraSpecial is for you. … MTN BetaTalk. It’s another good tariff plan provided by MTN. … MTN TruTalk+ … MTN Pulse. … MTN Zone. … MTN Supersaver Plus. … MTN AWUF4U.More items…•

What is the code for MTN YafunYafun?

MTN Yafun Yafun is a default MTN Tariff plan. To get started on MTN YafunYafun SIM offer, you can buy a new SIM, register and activate it and start using the Tariff plan. To receive the 700% bonus, just recharge by dialing *555*the recharge PIN#. After recharging, you will receive 700% bonus on that recharge.

How do I check my bonus on MTN?

If you have a bonus on your MTN data, you can use this MTN code to check your data balance: *559*65# – just dial it, and you will receive the detailed information about all the extras on your account. This is how you regularly check MTN data bonus balance.

Does MTN Pulse give bonus?

MTN Pulse. … Subscribers are rewarded with 100% data bonus when they purchase 500MB weekly data bundle (MTN 1 GB for N500!). Data bonus on first recharge each week. 10MB on N100 recharge, 20MB on N200 recharge.

What is MTN YafunYafun?

MTN YafunYafun is a special tariff plan that rewards New MTN customers with lots of benefits after registering and activating a new SIM. You will be able to enjoy the bonus for 3 months. What marvels me most is the 700% bonus on any recharge. That means, when you recharge even N100, you will get 700% bonus.